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“This series very much reflects what I think science education should look like with its combination of real books, experiments, and other interesting activities that truly engage children in the study of science. ”

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Cathy Duffy ~ Review of the Creation Science Series

Author, Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual

More Reviews and Testimonials

Here is what some educators, parents and students had to say about the products included in these membership packages!

“Felice is an excellent author whose books truly are original. The science unit studies she co-authored are amazingly flexible. They can be used to design a complete course, or they can be used to enhance another course. It is rare to find an author who can produce such flexible, useful materials.”

Dr. Jay Wile

Author, Founder of the Apologia Series

“My children are still quoting from your class and book and they are now in college! We have such lively conversations when they come home.”

Tiffany from Orlando

“This is excellent material. Jill and Felice have hit the mark in scientific content and educational style.”

Dr. John Morris

President and Author, Institute for Creation Research

“You keep challenging us in each session to hold each other accountable, and it is working. Our family is becoming kinder and trusting God.”

Julie, Homeschooling Mom

“Deciding to spend my day with my three children and teaching them as God’s partner is a big challenge, yet God provides the online community through the audios and the resources…. The resources focus on Christ and they are relevant to me, allowing me to learn about evolution and creation. For example, the Creation Expo explains it clearly. The knowledge and skills shared are so helpful.  Purchasing the membership can save more in investing in the eternal life and building up our children.  Thank you very much!” 


Missionary Homeschool Mom , Madagascar

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If you make pay the annual fee for a bundle or purchase the Forever bundle,  you have a full 10 days to try out your membership level.  If you don’t love it at the end of the 10 days, feel free to get in touch at, and we will cancel your account and give you a complete 100% refund.

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